The Works of t. a. hahn

"Cedar Waxwing"

oil on canvas
(36"h x 60" w),
cedar and lace woods,

norcross pine (painted black), amber LED lighting

49"w x 92.25"h x 8"d

"Trinity Dove"

oil on gessobords
(4x12.125; 5x15.25; 6x18 with 0.75" cradles),

3 flitch-matched slabs of black walnut
(8/4 thick),

poplar and mahogany base

5' 6" width x 7' 2" height x 6' 6" depth

275 lbs

"Baltimore Oriole"

two oil on gessoboards
(9"h x 12" w),

cherry wood slab,

two amber LED module lights

21"w x 72"h x 18"d

"Red Winged Blackbird"

two oil on canvases
(floater-canvases, 10"h x 30" w),

walnut slab, three tree trunks,

steel bolts and rod,
aluminum tubing,

red LED lighting

52"w x 87"h x 36"d

"Blue Jay"

walnut slab,

oil on gessoboard
(6"w x 12"h x 2" d),

blue LED lighting

20"w x 70.5"h x 2.75"d

"European Robin"

oil on custom gessobord
(12"w x 24"h),

black walnut slab edges,

norcross pine painted black,

wall relief

20"w x 72"h x 3"d

"Yellow Finch"

oil on gessoboard (6"h x 8"w)

perched on a walnut slab,

wall relief

11"w x 18"h x 2.5"d

"Common Redpoll"

oil on custom gessobord
(7"h x 13" w),

black walnut slab (portion),

wall relief

15"w x 23.5"h x 1.75"d

"Indian Roller Epiphany"

oil on canvas
(11"h x 15"w custom canvas),

walnut slab,

blue LED lighting,

wall relief

18.5"w x 74.625"h x 2"d

"Blue Grosbeak"

oil on gessobord
(6"h x 18"w x 0.125"d),

mounted to a walnut slab

18"w x 44.25"h x 1.5"d