The Works of Cheryl Harper

Artship Olympia Installation


mixed media

96"h x 80"w x 120"l

Soft Targets Wreath


mixed media: fabrics, applique, acrylics, and more

31" diameter

Passages: Votes for Women


mixed media: dresses, applique, fabric, acrylics, wire

88"h x 30"w x 30"d

Hillary Sphinx 2


17" h x 13" w x 7" d

Bill n' Buddy

stoneware and dog leash

27" h x 20"w x 10"d

The Birther Chair

mixed mediums

36" h x 22" w x 19" d

Convenient Vanities: Oh Thank Heaven

mixed mediums

72"h x 27" w x 24" d

Convenient Vanities: Cake and Ice Cream

mixed mediums

24" h x 27" w x 9" d

Convenient Vanities: Drumstick and Lemon

mixed mediums

24" h x 27" w x 6" d

Convenient Vanities: Tea Time

mixed mediums

60" h x 27" w x 22" d