Artship Olympia

Gerard Brown

"W-ZD (Stranger Wishes to Communicate"

Sarah Kate Burgess

"Hissed Between Blue Teeth"

William Chambers

"Listen to the Whales"

Daniel Clark

"The Bird Cage"

Jacintha Clark

"Wrinkled Blue"

Cheryl Harper

"Officer's Washroom:
Reflections on Hirsute Hegemony"

Nadia Hironaka & Matthew Suib

"Lost Loves, Love Lost"

Sarah Kabot


Elizabeth Mackie & Kaitlyn Paston


Mary Mattingly

"Indexing on Imperialism:
From Ideologies to Imports"

Joan Menapace

"Fellow Travelers"

Joanna Platt & Nathan Solomon

"Laid Up in Ordinary"

Kevin Blythe Sampson

"Arc of Renewal"

Carrie Mae Smith

"Victory Victuals"

Andi Steele

"Ghost Hammocks"

Mary Mattingly