About Laura Petrovich-Cheney

Laura Petrovich-Cheney

1301 Locust Drive

Asbury Park, NJ 07712




Artist Statement

The devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to coastal communities in fall 2012 was evident in the wooden debris that littered the affected communities in its wake. Floorboards, pieces of cabinets, and window frames were often all that remained of homes torn apart by the storm’s ferocity. It was after the storm that I began collecting the castaway wooden debris—remnants evocative of life before the storm.

Inspired by the geometry of American quilts whose simplicity belies their conceptual underpinnings, I piece together this salvaged wood into something meaningful and orderly. As both formal, abstract art objects and expressions of feminism, traditional American patchwork quilt designs are designs I find familiar and comforting. My wooden quilts recall a past heritage of craftsmanship and labor as well as the recalling the American ideal of a pioneer woman’s can-do spirit and instinct for survival.

My source materials—the wood of domestic spaces—has not been altered; I use the wooden debris as I have found it. The textures and faded colors of this wood suggest another life. The history of the salvaged wood is told through its chipped layers of paint, its nail holes, and grain. By using recurrent patterns, I am exploring ideas that are rooted in the repetition of life—birth, growth, death, and regeneration.