Abe Zubarev


Abe Zubarev is a Philadelphia and Brooklyn based found object and assemblage sculptor as well as an educator, writer, and licensed psychotherapist.

Zubarev’s work focuses on mental health and existentialism. He has shown in group shows and has presented at national conferences. Zubarev holds degrees from Brooklyn College CUNY, Cornell, Harvard, and Columbia Universities. He has taught at Moore College of Art & Design, Penn State Abington, and the University of the Arts and he currently teaches graduate courses in Art Therapy and Counseling Psychology at Holy Family University. Zubarev works full-time as Director of Counseling at University of the Arts and has training as an art therapist about to complete an MFA in Studio Art.


In my work, I make three-dimensional assemblages, frequently drawing on altered books and detritus to engage the predicaments of an angst-ridden generation. As a sculptor and a therapist, my work is about mental health and existential dread in the face of a dying American dream, the myth of social mobility and the increasingly evasive pursuit of happiness. No longer quarantined to psychiatric hospitals, prisons, or shelters, the neat lines that once firmly separated mental illness and stigma from everyday life are now extinct. My art is a window into the cautious yet hopeful path toward self-actualization.