Charles Welles

I carve marble. Marble has several dominant qualities in the popular mind. One is hardness; another is weight; another is roughness; and yet another is immovability. Opposite qualities are lightness, smoothness, elasticity and softness. Since marble does not normally embody these qualities, then they must be achieved by illusion. I often use the medium of marble to convey those very opposites - softness, ephemerality, movement, elasticity, or lightness. This creates a sense of ambiguity, or a sense of irony. One first sees an object which seems to have certain qualities, and then it is discovered to be a stone, which normally connotes the opposite qualities.

I carve in several different styles – figurative, abstract, and trompe d’oeil. The works here are, for the most part, relatively simple abstract forms. There are two primary reasons. One is to highlight the shape of the forms themselves. The other is to highlight the different colors and busy striations of the different marbles. Relatively simple forms permit the enjoyment of these qualities in varied marbles from different quarries in different geographic locations.