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September 9 - October 21, 2012

Globe Dye Works, Philadelphia, PA


Exhibition images courtesy John Kelly Green Photography. For more images click here.

Philadelphia Sculptors sponsored Catagenesis, an exhibition of site specific installations at Globe Dye Works, a former manufacturing facility in the Frankford section of Philadelphia that bleached and dyed textiles from 1865 - 2005. Catagenesis refers to the concept that breakdown, instead of being an end, becomes a beginning as it progresses to reorganization, and then ideally, renewal. This concept becomes the core of our project as artists become the catalysts for repurposing, and ultimately transforming, a former industrial structure into a place of growth and creativity.

The Globe Dye Works complex of buildings continues to undergo renovations by its current owners and supports small businesses and arts-related activities. Our artistic intervention will stimulate the process of returning it to life, allowing neglected spaces to take on new identities as artists respond to them. Installations will be located throughout the interconnected buildings, providing surprises for viewers as they navigate the exhibition. Local, national and international artists are being solicited to participate through both an invitational and jurying process. In addition to the exhibition of installations, a video of interviews with former Globe workers will be produced and incorporated into the show.

Catagenesis Process Blog

Press for Catagenesis:

Daily News
"In an old Frankford factory, a sculpture show to dye for," by Roberta Fallon. September 7, 2012

Philadelphia Inquirer
“Globe Dye building is an atmospheric setting for art”, review by Edith Newhall. September 30, 2012

”Globe Dye Works cast as venue for ambitious sculptural installations.” September 10, 2012

Title Magazine
Review with photos by Gabriela Vainsencher

Philadelphia Sculptors received the ABC 2013 Business + Arts Partnership Award for its partnership with Globe Development Group on the Catagenesis exhibition.


The Globe Development Group • PA Council on the Arts • The Philadelphia Cultural Fund • The Consulate General of Israel, Philadelphia • Sugarhouse Casino • The Growth Strategy Company • PMDI Architectural Signage • Panacea Design • Artis • Circular 677 Diagnostics • Government of Canada • Birchtree Catering • Katie Recker and Matt Pappajohn • The Brind Foundation • Dolfinger McMahon Foundation • A Cupcake Wonderland • LoveBar Chocolate • Revolution Cider • Southwind Vineyard • Wegmans • Samuel S. Fels Fund • Gallucci Creative Foundation • Paul Rider • PHOTOLounge • Marilyn & Mike Grossman Foundation • Framer's Workroom


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