Georgette Veeder

My art represents a personal journey of years of research and development using fibers as a sculptural medium. Reconfiguring assumptions, I use fiber as a primary medium. Rather than using paper or felt on which to apply my work, I manipulate and transform the pulp, wool and/or plant fibers into sculptural forms. I have adapted age-old techniques and traditional materials to make contemporary works of art.

I create staged environments defined by human presence. I sculpt fibers to extremes with textures, scale and forced perspective. I challenge the audience enter my world of illusions. I entertain contemporary issues and call for consciousness.

I studied art at Montclair University where I received a Bachelor of Arts in art education. After a teaching stint, I returned for advance studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. My works have been widely exhibited in galleries and represented in many public and private collections. Recognition at the local and national level include the Pennsylvania Governor’s award, Cresson Memorial Scholarship and publication in the Fiber Arts Design Book 7, Best of American Sculpture Artist, Vol II 2010, and, Spring 2013.