Holly Smith

Holly Smith is a sculptor, painter, illustrator and writer. A 1977 graduate of Moore College of Art with a BFA in sculpture, her work has won numerous awards and been exhibited and collected throughout the United States. It is included in the permanent collection of Doylestown Hospital, PA, and the private collection of Johannah Hutchison, Executive Director of the International Sculpture Center. A long time member of Philadelphia Sculptors, she is the group’s secretary and contributing editor of their newsletter.

Humor is the vehicle I use most often while searching for some version of artistic truth or clarity. My attraction to Surrealism is matched by a gleeful delight in the absurd wherever it can be found. But underlying the initial jocularity I attempt to straddle the divide between comedy and tragedy; seesawing between the two is where I find the most meaning.

I’ve found the metaphorical use of animal imagery a good fit to represent an emotion, an experience, or a daily irritation. For example, “Haus BauWau” is the embodiment of the monstrous, snarling-dog year I spent in the jaws of real estate misery. I also like to create some mischief when titling my pieces; hopefully my dig at the Bauhaus comes across as well.