Jeremy Sims

What is fundamental to me about sculpture is its need to use or manipulate space without just simply occupying it. My work therefore explores a space that blends elements of high design with conceptual art. I present my viewers with works that I call “sensitive sculpture” which is physically challenging yet objectively familiar with paired down abstractions of forms found within everyday living and consumer culture. In this "uncanny valley" we can explore the subtleties of life in a way where the walls have been torn down; art and life are intertwined. There is not a direct function in this work, but an implied element of functionality and interaction. The work confirms the will of the audience within the space; it can direct the audience in subtle ways which may or may not be noticed but are directly tied to how each individual experiences life in an object-culture. My work is meant to force the observer into coming to new conclusions about the similarities between art and the things they interact with daily by subversive means.