John Parker

The forms from nature that I have drawn from for these sculptures are taken from insect life-segmented, hard shelled bodies, robotic and armor coated, yet able to instantly take flight. The large scale of these otherwise small creatures comes from reality and fantasy of the prehistoric world.

Steel plate is my material of choice; man made and industrial in its purchased form. I enjoy the challenge of making something animated and weightless with iron. The possibilities have been endless for me in the way I have been able to transform this heavy material. Strong and durable, my sculptures withstand the test of time and I’ve had great success on public sites.

Outdoor sculptures have to function in a comprehensive way as a drive-by experience, as strong and dynamic silhouettes. With further exploration for the passer-by or neighborhood resident, a deeper appreciation and enjoyment can be explored walking around, under and through the pieces.

Art is not an instant snapshot. It is meant to be lived with and experienced. The importance of outdoor sculpture is that one does not have to go to a museum to experience it.



John W. Parker
304 Edge Hill Rd.
Glenside, PA 19038