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PS at NoBA 

April 14 – May 4, 2018

NoBA Artspaces, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Artists: Charles Adams, Clifford Bailey, Robert Bickey, Carol Cole, Evan Eisner, t.a. hahn, Darla Jackson, Joan Menapace, Abby Mezrow, Genevieve Nacklicki, Remo, Colleen Rudolf & Holly Smith

Philadelphia Sculptors is once again taking our art to new spaces. From April 14 through May 4, 2018 we will be exhibiting in a new, edgy gallery and helping an old community redefine its identity. Thirteen PS members will bring their art to the NoBA Artspaces Gallery in Bala Cynwyd, showing how the presence of art can reawaken and revive a section of a neighborhood that has seen better times.

Sculptors show a wide range of sculptural techniques, themes, styles, and media. Traditional figurative works are complemented by mixed media installations, while massive steel sculptures and small bronze pedestal pieces contrast with ephemeral fiber works. Artists probe emotional and psychological issues through the use of human and animal imagery and raise questions about war and gun violence. Finely crafted fantasy chairs stop at the point of being furniture, while handmade paper wall sculptures include found objects to make the personal universal. Haunting mixed media dolls are unsettling, and examples of humor, irony, and whimsy complete this small but engaging show.

Installation Images: