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June 28 – July 25, 2014

Destination Frankford Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Reanimate, the third and final pop-up show at the Destination Frankford Gallery took place from June 28 to July 25, 2014, in a partially renovated vacant storefront in Frankford that was previously a ladies dress shop. PS members created art that addressed the concept of bringing new life back to a place, person, object, or community. The show provided an opportunity for the residents of Frankford to view contemporary art, and an opportunity for PS members to share their work in a new venue with members of an underserved community.

Exhibited artwork ranged from the figurative to the abstract to the conceptual. Artists reconfigured and rearranged ideas and materials to engage and challenge viewers. Both traditional and experimental techniques and materials were used to create work that speaks to our times.

Theresa Sterner created concrete vessels cast from discarded plastic bottles, while Uta Fellechner found poignancy in the connection between a useless, heavily corroded shovel, and her mother’s dementia.

Fiber artists Melissa Madonni Haims, who covered old chairs in colorful yarn, and Carole Loeffler, who worked in felt and used clothing, complemented the work of artists like Daniel Molnar who created precariously balanced boulders – out of paper.

Ann Keech, Kim Knauer, Jesse Lentz and Howard Neifeld recombined small pieces of their personal environments to create subtle manifestations of deeper emotional connections. Deanna McLaughlin and Leslie Kaufman used humor to expand the potential of the common shopping cart, while Christopher Ray and Holly Smith explored different ways in which members of related species demonstrate their energy and zest for life. All the artists used their art to add dynamism, spirit and wonder to common and overlooked materials.

“Reanimate” was the concluding event for the Destination Frankford Gallery, which became a vibrant art gallery and destination for residents and visitors from April through July. A public opening reception and block party on June 28 was attended by hundreds of visitors and local residents.

Destination Frankford was established as an arts-based initiative using marketing and creative placemaking to enhance and expand the resources of Frankford's growing arts, artisanal industry, and creative business economy and was a project of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. Philadelphia Sculptors was one of the local partners, along with the Frankford Community Development Corporation, and Globe Development Group. Destination Frankford was supported by a grant from ArtPlace America, a collaboration of leading national and regional foundations, banks and federal agencies accelerating creative placemaking across the US.