Richard Weiner


I attempt to create artistic works which are evocative in nature. Thematically, my work often depicts relationships. Some works are purely whimsical.

I use sculpture as a vehicle to express my aesthetic sensibilities. The choice of wood as my preferred medium relates to its living and organic nature, the diverse challenges of its many textures and grains and its inherent warmth and sensuality which readily invite touch. I seek to simplify my work in a way as to capture some essence of the subject and present it in a way which accomplishes the most with the least amount of complexity. I value simplicity in form, efficiency in the use of lines and attempt to portray my subject matter through its fundamental qualities or nature.

As a sculptor and clinical psychologist I am also committed to supporting the expanding role and positive impact of the arts in healthcare environments- especially their beneficial effects on patients and their families’ experience of care. I see the subtractive or ‘take-a-way’ process of direct carving as a loose metaphor for some methods of psychotherapy- removing obfuscating layers to reveal a solution or truth embedded within and ferreting out the ‘signal’ from the ‘noise’.