Terry Mollo

I’m inspired by the point at which nature’s organic form meets the inorganic. I concentrate on the force and tension created between the two, and search for the line that is formed by their union.

In my sculpture, organic and inorganic form often conjure human emotion, human condition.

Nature’s sea forms, shells and waves, suggest human form, depth, fluidity, texture, tone. Botanicals are sensuous with leaves and flowers that appear muscled and fleshy. Stems of flowers, such as orchids or lilies, stand tall, appear happy or courageous and proud, while other stems are viney or gnarled and appear desperate or defeated. All are similar to the ways in which the anatomy and musculature of the human body reflect its deepest feelings and emotion.

Stone is my most important medium. The attributes of stone motivate me to seek and appreciate the beauty that has evolved with time and nature’s forces. Whether marble, travertine, alabaster, agate, onyx, each piece has its own story to tell. Its hues, striations, translucence, brilliance- and faults- have history and mystery to unlock. While carving I listen to the stone and carve only enough to find, and unleash, its organic lines and its “voice.”